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For those of you who want to share information about the LivingWorks Youth Summit on your own social media channels and publications, please find pre-made graphics and content attached below to be downloaded.



The following attachments are for California teachers to use as in-class resources ​to further educate themselves and their students and continue the conversation around suicide prevention. 

Included in the documents below is a summary of what LivingWorks Start is and how it is being offered to staff and students in the California Department of Education. We also provide a breakdown of the TASC model you will learn when you take LivingWorks Start and some suicide warning signs for youth.


Click the link below to access the suicide myth vs. fact Google quiz and share the link with your students to test their knowledge!

Info for California Educators

Suicide Myth vs. Fact Quiz

Youth Suicide Warning Signs

Classroom Discussion Guide

LivingWorks Start TASC Model

Directing Change

Program and Film Contest

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